Ankora with Pangea

Do you know where the top 7% of software engineering vendors can be found?

Ankora belongs to the top 7% at

Do you know where the top 7% of software engineering vendors can be found? They can be found alongside Ankora at the moment! We are proud to inform you that we have been officially and successfully verified as a Pangea vendor. 

What is the Pangea community?

 Pangea is an elite community of software engineering vendors that brings together the top 7% of the world’s leading companies.

 With the future of the workforce, undoubtedly, being remote and distributed, Pangea is on a mission to simplify the buyer journey for businesses to unlock a hidden, but a world-class talent pool through the universe of vetted and healthy vendors. Having built a vetted vendor community of over 4500 humorous creatives and rock-star engineers, matched 165+ engagements and facilitated ~€25 million in commerce over the past years, the Pangea team is well on its way with their mission

They will achieve this by building frameworks and products that enable software development vendors around the world to provide a holistic and transparent window into their universe.Unleashing and maximizing their potential to be discovered and engaged as the perfect-fit vendor by businesses.

What did the process of joining the elite vendor community look like?

With each of our current allies, it took a long time to gain mutual trust, and to be convinced of each other’s qualities. Joining Pangea enables us to showcase our organization in full transparency with vetted data points. This will help improve the buyer journey of future Ankora allies by limiting the quality uncertainty and in turn build credibility and trust faster.

During the verification process, we had to merge various teams across departments to collaborate tocreate reports and insights for each business segment. This synchronization of work has brought some new future practices and knowledge that we will apply.

After the verification process, we realized that we really got to know processes and data in our company better. It was very useful that we all did it at the same time as a team. We have decided to renew this complete process every following year.

Thanks to this process, we were able to spot some flaws in our business approach, and immediately proceeded to eliminate them. Also through teamwork and consulting, we came up with many new business ideas and milestones to achieve.

Ankora proudly wears the badge of this elite community of software engineering vendors.

Results and discoveries

What we found as our favourite and what we are most proud of is the team health score. The team health score is 8.9, the client score is 9.0, while the complete Pangea score is 8.9. We expected a good score, but we are certainly proud of what we achieved.

Despite a very good score, we will never stop trying to be better. Our goal is to expand the scope of work and the number of engineers over time but to always maintain the score of success, quality and satisfied customers – please see client sentiment below:

“At Sprinting Software, we develop bespoke software solutions to our customers with our high-performance teams. Ankora is a key partner of ours in staffing our teams with highly skilled and professional engineers.“

Thorbjørn Schmidt-Jacobsen

Owner , Sprinting Software

“The Ankora team is very flexible to work with. We had vague requirements and Ankora gaveus suggestions for a solution that we approved. Ankora kept to its budget and delivered more than was required by the agreement. My experience is all positive.”

Fredrik Björklund


Progress and further development with Pangea

We believe that by joining the elite team of vendors, our company enters a new era of business, and takes another step in its development. Being a member of Pangea vendors can certainly bring additional values and benefits to our company.

We are convinced that with Pangea we will grow even more and that our productivity and development will climb higher. We expect many challenging and demanding projects, but we are not afraid of them, we love them.

Of course, we will monitor the results, correct mistakes, develop new spheres of business, fall, but also rise. These are all points on the road to success that we will partake with our new partner, Pangea.