is the app that gives you the power to choose the tunes that play in your favorite bars, pubs, radio stations and even airplanes.

Your Favorite Place. Your Favorite Music.

Our network of Songmee allows you to control the music experience and be the DJ in RSG Radio, in short time on pubs, restaurants and other social venues across Bosnia and Herzegovina. With millions of songs played daily, a companion mobile app, and integrated services like chat, communication Songmee is the innovative leader for location-based interactive entertainment.

Songmee app features

It is a complex system consisted of:
• Stand alone Desktop App which is used as a custom made media player to serve data to servers and apps and play songs organized by bar owner or radio station.
• Android App created for end users
• iOS app created for end users
• Dashboard to manipulate and control data used to form valuable statistics and serve aimed commercials

Let’s sum up

You can pick a bar based on music type you like, get all information about the bar like working hours, location etc. App allows you to search through all bars near you if you don‘t have some specific location you are headed to.

App allows you to check the current play list going live in the bar you are interested in. It gives you the power to choose which song should be played next, song with most votes is played next. App allows you to search through playlist and check if your favourite song is there or not.

  • You can also spend credits and give your song a higher priority on playing next list.
  • You can chat with people in the vanue. You can use group chat to discuss some current happenings in the bar or in the town.
  • You can also block users you don‘t want to interact with.
  • You can use incognito mode, in order to avoid people seeing you online in the bar.

There’s also a news feed for every venue. You are able to hide posts, or block posts from each of the users
You are able to check each user’s activity, and see how often they visit the bar you are checking

Oh, and you can check out, RSVP, and attend live events in the venue. You can also edit your profile info, and control how other users see you

Socialize through music at your favorite hangout with SongMee!

Take a control of the jukebox in your preferred bar and get the party started! Do it with your friends or meet new ones who’ll join you! It’s finally possible with SONGMEE and it’s FREE

Easy To Use

Just download the app, and start DJ-ing. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Beautiful UI

Beautiful, smooth and user-friendly interface.

Super Performance

Fast and slick, your wish is our command, PRONTO!

24/7 Uptime

Yes, servers (and us) are up 24/7, send us a chat if you want to say hi.

Realtime Stats

Our backend is build like a space shuttle. Elon, call us!

Best Experience

Play… find… share… it’s FUN!

Ready to select what you want to listen? Let’s go!

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