Strategic partner

We are a specialized company offering a dedicated team of professionals working and closely cooperating with an in-house team. Our agency is located in the same time zone, and it enables easy communication.We operate in Central European Time zone while we are incorporated in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo.

Risk Reduction

When you launch a new product you don’t know if it will succeed. Hiring a whole team of developers involves the costs of employment contracts, office renting and purchasing equipment. In the case of market failure, this will be extra money that you can lose. In the case of cooperation with the software house, you don’t incur such costs.

Full cultural alignment

Business culture and customs in Western, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe are lergely the same. The only issue to consider is different national holidays. Good English skills are also very important.

Good communication

In the nearshore model time zones do not interfere with communication because work hours of both sides overlap. Good software houses also use task control tools, which reduce the amount of time needed for meetings and results in more efficient work.

We guarantee


Face-to-face communication, strong project engagement within a team;


Control, fast team feedback, guidance, and coordination;


Team’s full dedication to your project only, no other clients

Same culture

No language barriers, team members are usually from the same country and same culture

Budget planning

Price-expertise balance, no need to hire new employees, more efficient budget planning


Involvement and ability to make changes to a project quickly


High project expertise leading to efficient bug fixing, support, and independent maintenance.

Less costly

Less costly compared to in-house hired employees, plus no expenses for recruitment, interviews, training


Open talent pool and better chances of finding a software house with experience and skills in the area your project requires

Faster development

Faster delivery to market, avoiding major staffing issues under in-house development

All of us together will be working towards a common goal, defining a common culture around your product or brand, and all your efforts will be aligned. If you have precise knowledge of every tiny detail and the progress made, you’ll have the ability to solve arising
issues quickly.

Meanwhile, the major benefit is access to the concrete skills that will be concentrated in a company you hire. We will provide talent, business input, programming, design, and maintenance of the software product, which will be more than enough. In other words, you
pay us to do the heavy lifting, while saving on your budget. We hate to brag, but probably the deliverables will probably be of better quality than you can achieve by hiring locally.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: a Powerhouse of Industry, Education and IT

The erstwhile capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ”heavy machinery centre”, ” city of students”. Sarajevo is Bosnia’s largest city and a major hotbed of the Bosnian and regional software development industry. The city is home to a large and ever growing number of R&D centers of both Regional and overseas software development companies. The latter include US, UK, Danish, Swedish, German, Israeli, South-African, and other IT Companies.Some of the well known names with offices in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are Virgin Pulse, Cylo, Asseco Group, Microsoft.

This, along with more than a score of institutes of higher learning that include some of the nations most well-known technical universities, allows the city’s IT industry to maintain a large pool of highly qualified IT talent. Currently, this talent pool is believed to consist of an estimated 10000+ IT professionals. Software engineers, system analysts, and other IT professionals are trained at such internationally well-known schools, as:

  • University of Sarajevo
  • International University of Sarajevo
  • Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
  • International Burch University
  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

and others. Graduates of the above universities can be found in world-known IT companies in many parts of the globe.Some of the well know companies our engineers work for are DeepMind – Google, Google Zurich, ABB, Siemens.

An educational and scientific juggernaut and a major industrial center, whose enterprises manufacture products that range from garments to turbines to aircraft and state-of-the-art military hardware, Sarajevo also makes it possible to source any complementary expertise that may be required. The high level of Sarajevo IT experts professional qualifications is promoted by the citys vibrant IT community, a number of IT venues that host various IT events (conferences, hackathons, lectures, workshops) on a regular basis, and several specialized IT schools, offering a wide variety of IT courses. Altogether, this creates 1000 highly educated and professional engineers ready to meet the market needs.

Professional benefits

Up-to-date with New Technologies and Trends

We are constantly evolving and improving; they are aware of current software trends and new programming languages and can provide up-to-date solutions

Companies Care About Their Client’s Products

We value our reputations and strive to develop high-quality products that get positive feedback after they’re launched. While freelancers can become ghosts, companies cannot. You won’t face breaks or stoppages due to unavailability, as one developer can quickly be replaced with another developer from within the firm.

Tuned Development Workflow

When you hire our team, all you need to do is get in touch with project managers, read reports about completed work, approve that work or make some adjustments, and then wait for the next part of your project to be developed. A well-tuned development workflow will never fail to meet deadlines.

Long-term Relationships

We prefer building relationships of trust with individual clients and implementing projects for those clients over the long term. This is more efficient for companies than focusing on the quantity of incoming projects.

Diverse Experience

Hiring us means that you hire a whole team of professionals (developers, designers, managers, QAs, etc.) with different skills and knowledge. We have worked on many types of projects and therefore have much greater expertise. There’s almost always a skilled expert ready to sort out a given issue.

Constant Updates and Support

When we talk about long-term relationships we don’t only mean new project development, but also the constant maintenance of current products, regular updates, and bug fixes, and maybe even adding some additional functionality.

Legal peace of mind

Software development companies like us, are legal business entities, and therefore they offer greater stability and less risk. You can always check the track record of a company in an external database or simply ask for its financial record. And equally handy, an agency will take care of all the documents you need to get started on your project. You don’t have to prepare contracts on your own. Just do carefully read everything you’re signing.

Our records give you confidence

1. Market presence and portfolio

We operate on the market for several years are sure to have completed dozens of projects. This helps us keep ahead of the competition. We have experience with different types of customers and have been using various technologies. During all the years we operated on the market we were able to develop effective project management and product development methods.

3. References and testimonials

We bet that you read the references before making the decision, but you can go a step further and verify them.

5. Scheduling and timeliness

Product specification makes it much easier to evaluate the time needed to develop your project. To simplify the evaluation process, it’s best to use mock-ups — visual presentations of product functionalities. We can go through the application and see what the primary purpose of each screen should be.
You can also send a specification in a form of so-called user stories.  If, for now, you only have a vision of the product or would like to consult someone about the specification you’ve prepared, you can join our workshop. We’ll guide you through the specification writing process. Keep in mind that a software house estimates how long will it take to develop each feature and, with this information, prepares the cost evaluation.
The Agile approach comes with its characteristic way of work scheduling. A project utilising the Agile method is divided into sprints — time periods (usually two weeks) during which we complete selected scope of work. After the planning stage, software house should provide you with a so-called roadmap that includes the next stages of the project (milestones).

The next step is a task list arranged by priority (backlog) that will allow you to keep tabs on each specific task during each sprint.

7. Technologies used in project

We succeed through transparency and use widely available and proven Open Source solutions. As a result, any person skilled in a certain field will be able to continue their work, and you will avoid the risk associated with changing the service provider.
Top software houses make you feel comfortable when you’re working with them and won’t try to overwhelm you by their technology.

8. Ask for a sample of the formal agreement

Once you’ve selected us as a strategic partner, it’s time to send us a brief. If you already have the specification and want to protect yourself against using your know-how, ask for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) sample. It’s also a kind of test — every trustworthy
agency will sign such document.
When you decide to work with us, it’s time to sign the framework agreement which is a base for future contracts, including the scope of work. It specifies the parties involved, its objects, rates, order and delivery terms, and contractual penalties. On the basis of this agreement you will be signing individual orders for making product modules within a specified time period.

2. There is a similar software application in our portfolio

Our software house with experience in implementing similar solutions will understand your business goals better. Our knowledge and experience will definitely streamline the entire development process and will provide higher quality as well.

4. Billing model and rates

Simply put, the Agile Development method is the most transparent and secure approach to project management. It’s associated with the Time and Materials billing model, so there are is no fixed price and no detailed specification written in the contract. You will pay only
for the hours spent on the project and for the tangible results. Of course, we keep your budget in mind and helps you achieve the best results.
We have confidence in our knowledge and we offer a free trial. For instance, we provide you with a two-week trial period. If, for any reason, our cooperation doesn’t meet your expectations, you can terminate the contract at no cost. Note that the products created during
this period won’t be delivered to you.
But, in general, remember that the cheapest doesn’t always mean the best. Lower prices usually go with poor quality and non-functioning products, so verify the software house before signing the contract. Implement long-term thinking. For good.

6. Approach to project management and communication

Agile projects usually use Kanban methodology, but in recent years an alternative Agile approach — called Scrum — is getting more and more popular (and it’s highly effective). In case of the latter, each sprint begins with the analysis and creation of so-called sprint backlog.
The backlog is a prioritised list of features and requirements to build during each sprint.

Given features are designed, developed and tested. To make sure that everything goes well don’t hesitate to ask the software house about the sprint details any time you want. To abide by the Scrum methodology daily meetings (stand-ups) should be organised during the project. This means that the entire team gets together and each member is trying to answer the following questions: “What did I achieve yesterday? What will I work on today?

Am I blocked by anything?” The result of two weeks of work is a new, tested and working version of the product. Each iteration ends with a so-called sprint review, during which the project manager presents the effects to you and then you can evaluate them together.
A very important aspect of an effective cooperation between a customer and a software house is communication. To make the work more efficient, we usually use project management tools such as Jira, Redmine, Asana, etc. It’s also good to include some chat software (Slack, Hipchat), so the developers can discuss their doubts and share ideas on a daily basis.

Remember that a chat is just an extra tool (it can distract the team when overused), so it shouldn’t replace the ticketing system. When you know which tools are used by a certain agency, it’ll give you the picture of the project organising process.

Work processes and quality control

Quality assurance (QA) is a part of the software development life cycle. QA ensures that there are no bugs in the code. The longer a bug goes undetected, the more costly it is going to be to fix it later on. We cover each development hour with a 0,3 hours of QA which guarantees the product being delivered under high standards.
LET’S SUM UP — guaranteed availability, better understanding of corporate culture and business.Benefits of working with an agency (nearshoring) — saving time, cost optimisation, limited risk, good communication, legal issues, no cultural differences.

If there is something we can’t do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competition, there is no sense in doing it and we should employ someone to do the better work for us
Henry Ford