We are more than just a development company

Whilst software development is at the core of everything we do, it’s not the only thing we do. We’re problem solvers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. We have a culture that thrives and passion for what we do every day.

Turning coffee into code since 2016. And we don’t plan to change anything there anytime soon.

Since February 2016. When we were established we never stopped improving, growing and learning. We care about quality and reliability and that is something our client’s respect. We tend to be responsive, creative and professional in all situations in order to overcome any possible obstacle we might encounter in work with our clients.

Our engineers are “manufactured” at Faculty of electrical engineering Sarajevo. Our team is consists of engineers with mindset oriented to problem solving, efficiency and sustainability. Things need to be done to last and to be easy to scale, which is assured trough professional and educated engineers.


We are more than just development company

Whilst software development is at the core of everything we do, it’s not the only thing we do. We’re problem solvers, thinkers and entrepreneurs. We have a culture that thrives and passion for what we do every day.

Agile capacity scaling

Ankora is a technology co-founder team that grows with you. At some point, you need a “real” engineering department at scale. Even if your initial technology was built elsewhere, we have the capacity to grow with you to 20+ team size without any loss of quality. More importantly, we know how to build more solid/scalable infrastructure, how to help you recruit your own key engineering leaders (Product Managers, CTOs) and how to help you stand up your own internal teams to either replace our teams or keep both internal and Ankora teams in place together for even better agility. As your business advances, your internal capabilities and technologies need to advance as well.

What is so different at Ankora?

Most Enterprise-Class, highly efficient engineering organizations have strong layers of focus. Startup companies and disruptive products; instead, need cross-layer awareness and collaboration — even as they scale. Our engineers understand market pivots, partnering strategies, funding needs, analytics-driven development and lots of other concepts that normal engineering teams usually work hard to avoid since they see these as distractions. The trade-off is that our teams would never be effective working on product enhancements for SAP engineering!
Almost every engineer knows about agile development practices (eg. Scrum or Kanban) and most are now using some form of it much like most managers now know about the need for being lean & agile. Making these work in practice, living it, and extending the concepts far beyond a few specific code development processes or brainstorming sessions is a completely different matter. Ankora lives, breathes, and truly believes in lean business development and agile execution — we simply don’t work any other way.

We’re Powered by Passion
At Ankora, our committees help us have fun, do good, and be well.

Have Fun

We spend so much of our lives at work. Shouldn’t it be fun? The Fun Committee at Ankora is dedicated to exactly that. Mini golf. Trivia contests. Cook-offs. Our regular activities get you away from your desk and smiling alongside co-workers.

Do Good

At Ankora, we do our best to contribute to our local communities. Whether donating shoes to the homeless, making sandwiches for the hungry, or sponsoring a family during the holidays, the Good Neighbor Committee at Perforce is there spreading goodness.

Getting started with Ankora

Every new engagement starts with a custom workshop. Each is different based on the situation and need, but all address the non-engineering as well as the development needs of the business & product. Tech audits, business audits, design sprints, analytic reviews, and roadmap design collaborations are common components for these workshops as well as deciding the communication rules and details of each specific partnership.

Ankora can, of course, provide high performing engineering development teams. But other skills such as UX, product management, DevOps, analytics, and QA are also part of any evolving Ankora engagement. What the team needs at the MVP stage or feature build-out phase will be very different than the growth stage. Very few in reality need “just coding” and if they do, they are probably not a good match for Ankora. In addition, the external Ankora networks also help with things like funding round assistance, positioning, growth hacking, partnering strategies or just the general category we often call “business therapy”.

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